Thursday, 3 April 2014

My City is a loyalty points based business promotional program you use with your smart phone.This B2C program provides a common platform to people and the business backed with a number of delightful features to Explore, Enjoy & Earn in a win-win fashion.

The moment, a user downloads this app from App store or Google play, the city and the entire market place is on his/her finger tips and is exposed to a wonderful world of infotainment, city news, commercials, product & services, offers, the best deals, rewards, education, communication & the lifestyle.

To deliver highly creative, communicative and the most effective promotional strategies and solutions with a mission to add distinctive values.

To bring the focus back to the local community in this global world providing a unique common platform to the corporate, small businesses and the end users.To create highly engaging and personalized mobile experience to optimize exposure for brands, business and services to achieve core business objectives with prime focus on end users to explore, enjoy and earn.

Core Values

Be innovative:Create an environment that fosters creativity and openness to new ideas leading to advancement in skills, technology and processes.

Customer’s delight:
Achieve excellence in delivering the products and services to exceed customer expectations and build long term relationships.

Ownership collaboration:
Own and deliver the commitments as a team. Strive for collaborative efforts, nurturing mutual respect and transparency.

Built on the legacy of ethics and trust playing with wide range of high quality products at reasonable price.

Performance Focus:
Determined to achieve our business objectives and explore opportunities for accelerating growth.

Concern for the society:
Be responsible corporate citizen and consciously commit to social and environmental causes.

Reliability, responsibility, accountability, accuracy and honesty determine everything. For us, better services and customer satisfaction come first.

Our Beliefs 
We commit to our decisions but are flexible in our approach. We promise to….

  1. Respect and value the information shared online by customers and clients. We take utmost care not to break the trust of our clients and customers by exploiting or abusing their information shared with us.
  2. Focus on the best practices of building long term profitable relationships rather generating leads only.
  3. Provide the result oriented products and services with accuracy which results into customer satisfaction and the client retention.
  4. Provide best of the brands at the best possible prices.
  5. Always seek to fulfill the customer demand and customer satisfaction.
  6. Take quick action after getting claims and provide products to the customer as soon as possible.
  7. Help our company explain its social responsibilities and practices with its impact on the society as a whole as the social business programs affect everybody's job.